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Stomping Grounds Picks with Nick Hausman

June 21, 2019
"They're trying to make something of this Kofi title run, which I think is very admirable and the right thing to do.  Especially with the recent trip to Ghana 
and everything. Kofi deserves a very compelling main event story line.  I think the current iteration of Bray and Kofi Kingston would mesh so well.  Again,  I'd be absolutely distraught if it doesn't play out where the Fiend attacks Kofi at the end." - Nick Hausman
With WWE's newest PPV Stomping Grounds right around the corner, I had to call in WrestlingInc's Managing Editor, Mr. Nick Hausman to take an in depth look at the full match card.   Nick talks rematches, talent waiting in the wings, and has more than a few interesting theories for this somewhat underwhelming card.  Tune in for lots of wrestling chat and tunes from It Lives, It Breathes!!
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