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AEW, RAW, NXT, Mania Thoughts and more!!

March 20, 2020

"I thought AEW did a phenomenal job presenting the show they always present.  They presented a full AEW show.  They went all out.  It kind of reminded me of what Dropkick Murphys did on St. Patrick's Day.  They performed to five people in a black box studio.  And they played like they were playing in front of a sold out arena in Boston on St. Patrick's Day. They played with all their heart and all their soul.  And that's what AEW did"  - Bill Bodkin

After a crazy week, the good brothers Bill Bodkin ( and the debuting JP Mayer join the show to talk about this past week in the world of wrestling.   With limited options many companies gave us the best form of entertainment they possibly could during these uncertain times.  The boys and I focus on the positives while still leaving some room for constructive criticism.    Tune in to find out our take on Mania, Raw, AEW, NXT and more!!
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