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Anthony Bowens Interview

February 9, 2020

"For a stretch maybe about a year ago, I was wrestling too much with the purpose of getting signed. It made things not very fun for me.   I got into this cause I love wrestling and it's fun.  It's an outlet for me to express myself.  I had to get back to the grassroots of - I love pro wrestling and I'm doing this because I want to do it.  Not because I'm trying to strive to get this thing.  So as long as I'm wrestling and I'm living off of it, then I'm happy. And I'm working towards that right now and I'm very excited for 2020."  - Anthony Bowens 

We were pretty stoked to chat with the WrestlePro Gold Champion, actor ,model, and role model Mr. Anthony Bowens over the weekend before his main event triple threat title match in Rahway, NJ.  Mr. Bowens talks about his start in the business,  his goals, and what it means for him to be a role model outside of the ring in the LGBTQ community.   And yes, Anthony Bowens is STILL your Wrestlepro Gold Champion.  Tune in for this very genuine and inspiring interview! 
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