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Author Marissa Cohen talks Breaking Through the Silence: #Me(n)Too

November 12, 2019
"It was actually horrifying that any man that came forward and said #metoo, women would jump on it and say this isn't for you!  And I was disgusted by that.  Survivors aren't just a gender.  This isn't a gender specific problem.   Men deal with this too.  As children and as adults.  This is not a man vs. woman issue. This is an everyone issue.  Every survivor deserves that community"  - Marissa Cohen on #Me(n)Too
Author Marissa Cohen returns to the show to talk about her new #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book in it's category, Breaking Through The Silence: #Me(n)Too .  In her sophomore release, Marissa shares the stories of several male victims of sexual assault who were able to finally tell their survival stories.   Breaking Through the Silence: #Me(n)Too is available now on -->
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