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Breaking Through the #SpeakingOut Movement with Marissa Cohen and Risa Pappas

June 29, 2020

In this week's edition of the BCP/Breaking Through Our Silence Team Up we talk to Indy Ring Announcer and Commentator, Miss Risa Pappas.

The Wrestling World is taking a bold turn towards #SpeakingOut! It's difficult to be heard, especially in the wake of abuse. For fear of losing their dreams by speaking out, most Champions of abuse have been silenced to maintain their status in the industry. But not anymore. Everyday, more and more Champions are #SpeakingOut about the harassment and assault they've faced from promoters, wrestlers, managers, etc.

Teaming up with The Breaking Through Our Silence Podcast, we are ready to help the Champions of Abuse in the wrestling world, by supporting them and empowering them to #SpeakOut about their abuse! Make Wrestling Safe for Everyone!

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