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Episode 20 - Wonder Woman

June 12, 2017

"Be a man.  Imagine for a moment that every superhero movie that's come out in your lifetime had an all female cast, with maybe a couple oddball exceptions.    Imagine that Superwoman and Batwoman and Spider-woman all had sidekicks or counterparts named Superboy and Batboy and Spiderboy.  Imagine if all your male superheroes had names like HEHulk and ManThor and MaleWOlverine, (Deadpool and GentlemanDeadpool), and they were always on the sidelines and kinda jokes, not the REAL versions.  And in those all female-lead movies there would be one or two male heroes, helping out, doing their best.  And you KNOW that people would LOVE more male superheroes because they could be so cool.  You know guys are cool and amazing and not just nice butts.  And then suddenly, there's a big movie poster with this badass GUY on it and it's the first time you've seen someone who's like you LEADING the movie and sure the rest of the cast is women, but HE's the main character and you just think, FINALLY!! THAT'S why I'm so excited for Wonder Woman"  - Emilie Rogers 

In my latest episode of the podcast I've assembled a super team of self-proclaimed feminists including Kate from Vextion, Cosplayer/Artist Emilie Rogers, and authors Annie and Jess who write as "A.J. Tipton"  to discuss the newest film from the DC Cinematic Universe, "Wonder Woman".  We discuss our favorite scenes, Gal Gadot's phenomenal performance, and this movie's place in the DC Cinematic Universe as well as our universe!    Tune in to find out what we think about what this movie means to the future of female protagonists in film!  (Mature Language)

Photo credit DC/Warner Bros.

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