The Bob Culture Podcast

Ernie Hudson Interview

April 1, 2019
"You know I think we all have an inner guide, some people call it the Holy Spirit, some people call it other things.    I think it's there to guide you, and I think people should just trust that.  You know deep inside what you need to do. And most people are really afraid to step out and do that.   There's another voice inside of you and that's fear. It's screaming at you all the time. Most people pay more attention to that.  You just need to quiet your mind, meditate, pray or whatever.  Just do what in your heart what you need to do and it will guide you perfectly.  The universe won't let you down. "  - Ernie Hudson 
Never in my lifetime had I thought that I would get to converse with an actual Ghostbuster, not to mention an all time great actor.   But that's the kind of guy Mr. Ernie Hudson is.  He always takes time for the fans and goes the extra mile for every single person  That's why I am beyond honored to share our brief interview with one of the all time greats, talking ghosts, roles, and dishing out some great advice! Tune in! 
Co-host:   Kriss Nunez
Photos Property of NJ Horror Con  
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