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KC Navarro Interview

March 4, 2019
"My father was the reason I got into the business. When I was a baby I used to watch it (wrestling) with him all the time.  When I was two he left for the military, so watching it made me feel like he was home.  He wanted to be a US Army Ranger and his nickname was the Skyreaper actually.  I decided if he could achieve his dream then I could go after mine.  He was fully supportive of my career.  Now I'm here and I'm taking over as the new Skyreaper of professional wrestling."  -  KC Navarro 
At only 19 years old, the sky is truly the limit for high flyer, KC Navarro.  The Skyreaper always impresses and steals the show with his acrobatic offense.  Always humble, KC works hard outside of the ring as well as inside of it.  Keep an eye on this kid.  
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