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Ming Chen Interview

October 30, 2019
"Quite frankly I didn't feel like we were done.  We had seven seasons and 96 episodes.   But it flew by man.  It seemed like we had just started. Hopefully we sparked some memories and learning for sure.   I constantly hear that I got people back into comics, which is good for the industry.  It was a very simple formula but I think that's why people enjoyed it.  It was mindless TV based in a world we all love."   - Ming Chen on AMC's Comic Book Men 
It was an absolute honor to sit down with the Comic Book Man and Podcasting Extraordinaire himself, Mr. Ming Chen at his A Shared Universe Podcast Studio in Eatontown, NJ.   Ming talks about the studio, podcasting, fave heroes, The Last Jedi, working with Kevin and more!!  Tune in and find out how you can podcast at A Shared Universe Studio at: 
Follow Ming on Social Media:  @mingchen37 
Picture Courtesy of Ming Chen 
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