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Police Officer Matt Widdis

April 9, 2020
"Back in the day there were posters up that said - Keep Calm and Carry On.  And that's really what we've got to do.  We've got to buckle down. This is like, you've got one class left and you need a really good grade to graduate.  You know what you have to do. You just have to buckle down and do it.  We all know what we're supposed to be doing. If everybody does it, this goes by quicker and easier. "  Police Officer Matt Widdis  
In the first of many lifeline episodes we're joined by BCP regular, good brother, and Police Officer in Monmouth County for over 15 years, Matt Widdis.
Matt brings a lot of real talk to the show and addresses the Covid-19 Pandemic Head on.  Tune in for some real talk and real tips from one of the best humans 
I know.   
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