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Pro Wrestler, Ike Phillips Interview

April 11, 2019
"I know what I'm capable of, and this is my opportunity to prove it, at SWF's biggest event, Megaslam. I'm here to show everybody what I can do, and that I'm here to be in the main event."    - Pro Wrestler, Ike Phillips
You know him as Colin Jost's therapist who, "Got those hands" at Wrestlemania, but I know him as a talented indie superstar who made his AC debut at Stand Alone Wrestling 's Boardwalk Beatdown! I'm absolutely stoked to be interviewing former Jewish Heavyweight Champion & OTW Classic Champion, Mr. Ike Phillips in anticipation of his match Trifecta Title Match this weekend at SWF Wrestling MEGASLAM 2019 Tickets Available now at
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