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Pro Wrestler turned Announcer, Mr. Dave Sturchio

February 5, 2019
I agreed with the Doctor and said it was time to step away. I had some cool memories with wrestling, but I said I have more to offer.  I'm good friends with Pat Kenney, who's Simon Diamond of ECW. He told me, "Dave,you never have to take another bump in wrestling, to make it in wrestling."  And then I look at stories like a Corey Graves, or a Nigel McGuinness, guys that got the short straw, but they made it.  And I was like, I can do this.  - Dave Sturchio
Today on the show, I'm honored to speak with former Pro Wrestler turned Announcer Mr. Dave Sturchio.  After many setbacks in and out of the ring, Dave discusses how he has continued to persevere as his career has taken him from the Indy scene to the main stage at Impact! Wrestling.  Outside of the ring Dave also inspires his students as a teacher and paraprofessional.  With a new attitude, and a positive outlook on life, the sky is truly the limit for this up and comer.     
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