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The Green Machine - Mike Orlando Interview

March 26, 2019
"It's everything to me. That's exactly why I wanted to do this as I got older. Wrestling is all I knew as a kid and it got me through so much emotionally.  I feel that kids need role models, when all you see is negative news on the T.V.  I was once one of those kids that needed the wrestlers and wrote them letters, and I'm glad that I can give back in my own way."     - The Green Machine - Mike Orlando  on being a role model. 
Ladies & Gentlemen, we are beyond stoked to be talking with one of the hottest up and comers on the indie wrestling scene right now.  You've seen
him wow-ing the crowds at Evolve, CZW, Stand Alone Wrestling, Impact and beyond.   Of course, we're talking about Multiple time PPW Heavyweight 
Champion, The Green Machine, Mr. Mike Orlando!    Mike talks to us about getting into the business, coming back from a major injury, and having a special connection with 
his fans.    Tune in and follow Mike now, because this agile heavyweight will no doubt be moving on to "Greener" pastures in the near future!  
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Photo Property of The Green Machine Mike Orlando
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