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WWE Cruiserweight Classic Competitor Anthony Bennett Interview

October 20, 2019
"It started with Gerald Brisco actually coming to the Monster Factory. He was just scouting talent.  Thankfully I had a collegiate amateur wrestling background. He was like I know you're coach-able, I know you listen. I know they're doing this Cruiserweight thing, it's just a matter of when.  Just stay focused.  Keep doing what you're doing. And then in September 2015, he messaged me and said, get ready and you should be getting an email soon.   I felt like the 14-15 years on the wrestling mats finally paid off. It was one of the most humbling things ever."  - Anthony Bennett
It was an honor to chat with WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor, MFPW Heavyweight, and MFPW Supersonic Champion, Mr. Anthony Bennett at The Electric Halloween Festival in Millville, NJ.  Anthony talks about his start on the mat to getting the tap on the shoulder for the Cruiserweight Classic from some pretty big names in the business.   The athletic striker also talks about his love for all things Disney and talks about what the future holds during this recent peak in the wrestling business.  
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Pic Courtesy of Anthony Bennett, Photo by Frankie Kurtz Photography
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