Episode 16 - Paul Friemel of Ript Apparel

April 27, 2017

"Creatively, I would say try to draw what you love.  Try to make something that you would want to wear.   Something that makes sense to you, but also be careful about getting too far into your own head.  Do something you love but also be aware it has to speak to other people as well." - Paul Friemel

I had the pleasure of talking to the Founder and CCO of the Chicago based daily T-shirt site Riptapparel.com, Mr. Paul Friemel.  Paul talks about how playing in a band and working with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins put him on the path to starting a successful online T-shirt brand.  The Grand Master of the RIPT Artist Group also lets me in on a few secrets of the brand, while providing an abundance of advice for aspiring T-shirt artists. 



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