Episode 17 - Mike and Michelle Vermillion of SledgePad Innovations LLC

May 2, 2017

"I ordered a box of foam to sit home and experiment with.  I got a PA and microphones and I did everything with my ear.  I would cut something I thought would work, and then I would try something else.  I came up with a formula for the exact right amount of compression.   When I threw it in the drum it laid in the drum like a V.  I put it all together and put a mic on it.   It was like one of those moments.  I ran up the stairs to say Michelle come here and listen to this."  -Mike Vermillion, Founder of SledgePad

Here's another one for all my drummer pals!  Throwing a blanket in your bass drum is now a thing of the past!  I had the pleasure of speaking with the very lovely and intelligent Mike and Michelle Vermillion of SledgePad Innovations LLC.  The couple share all the details of their revolutionary bass drum head to head dampening system, the SledgePad. We discuss the origin of the product, the functionality, new products, and how SledgePad is being used on stage with national acts such as P!nk, Collective soul, Cher, and more!  http://www.sledgepad.com   sledgepad19@Gmail.com

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