Episode 21 - Money in the Bank Edition

June 16, 2017

"A.J. Styles does not need it.  It would honestly be another accomplishment on his already awesome record.  We all know what he's done, and where he's done it.  He's been world champ everywhere.  But historically Money in the Bank is supposed to make a star.  I've done the research.  I watched all the Money in the Bank Matches.  Ten people in history have won their first World Title by cashing it in.  And I don't see A.J. or Nakamura doing it either.  Plus it's gonna be hard for Nakamura to do that awesome entrance holding that briefcase." - Mike "Vacc" on the MITB Ladder Match

After knocking it out of the park with our Wrestlemania Predictions, I've re-assembled my pro wrestling panel of Mike "Vacc", Tim Urig (@HeyUsports), and Michael Camp (Jersey Campfire Booking) to talk about this year's WWE Money in the Bank PPV.  We discuss our picks for the first Ever "Miss Money in the Bank",  our hopes for a women's royal rumble, the "Jinder-ella" story, the M.I.T.B. Ladder match, and whether or not we will see any cash-ins at the PPV.  The four of us also take a few minutes to remember our favorite Batman, the late Adam West. 

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