Episode 22 - The Return Of Roulette

June 28, 2017

"We call it the Kingdom Seal.  Every Single line has a meaning.  The two lines going across the middle represent the crossroads.  It separates heaven and hell.  Some people say it looks evil.  If you count the circles on the outside there are six little circles, but a lot of people miss the big circle, the 7th circle which is actually a holy symbol.   Sometimes it's not always what it seems."   - Jess Bariletti on the New Roulette Logo


My friends in Roulette have turned the page and entered the “FIRE” era of their career. Jess, Joe, Greg, and Anthony talk about the darker, heavier direction of the band as they share their newest track “Kingdom Here Come”. Be sure to keep it here as the band provides some puzzle pieces behind the “FIRE” EP concept and how it just may be part of a bigger plan. Catch Roulette's EP Release show at Paul's Tavern in Lake Como July 22nd with Metal Life Crisis, Mind Riot, and The Black Clouds.

Photo Credit: Kris Night


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