Episode 24 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Edition

July 20, 2017

"Spider-man's not a gritty, brooding, dark sort of anti-hero.  Spider-man's a light, wise-cracking, fun character.   He has fun being a superhero.   Even though the reasons he does it, and some of the underlying themes are serious and sometimes bittersweet.  He's a fun Super-Hero. I think this is the first time that they really nailed that part of Spider-Man"  - Eddie Soles on the Spider-Man in Film

SPOILER ALERT!   I sit down with long time friend and avid Spidey fan, Mr. Ed Soles to discuss the first MCU installment of everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood web-slinger in Spider-Man: Homecoming.  We talk character development, Easter eggs,  and even explore the deeper meaning between Peter Parker and Tony Stark's relationship throughout this film and Civil War.  Keep it here to find out what we think this movie means for the future of the Spider-Man mythos in and out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  

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