Episode 4 - The Legendary Local Music Photographer, Jeff Crespi

May 17, 2016

"Every night when I come home, the first thing my wife says is, How was the show?  And I'm telling you, after 10 years, I have never once ever told her it was a bad show.  There is always something that I can take out of that show.  I might not like the music at a show, but to me it's not about the music. It's about everything else. It's about the atmosphere. It's about the people.   I look at you as a person first, before I see you as a musician.  That's what I look for, I look for the human element.  What you do as a human being is one thing, but who you are as a human being means more to me first."  - Jeff Crespi of JeffCrespiRocks.com

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Crespi, local music photographer and an icon within the scene.  Jeff talks about finding his passions in life and what he really looks for when shooting live bands.  We discuss the state of the local music scene today, and Jeff shares his advice for local bands and photographers.

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